Lesson 4: The Puritans and the Anne Hutchinson Trial

“I have been guilty of wrong thinking.”                             –Anne Hutchinson

Watch Video:


PowerPoint Introductory Lecture on Puritans:

New England Colonization

Read Historiography:

Blackmon Analysis and Outline of Puritan Folkways

For full trial lesson plan including readings and set-up:

Anne Hutchinson Trial Lesson Plan


Puritan Culture Quiz

1.  Based on the Blackmon Historiography (see above), explain Puritan culture by addressing at least 3 “Folkways” in detail.

Pre-Trial Quiz

1.  Explain Puritan religion.  What is dissent?  How did Puritans deal with it?

2.  Who was Roger Williams?  How did he impact Anne Hutchinson?

3.  Explain The Covenant of Grace, The Elect and The Covenant of Works.

Post Trial Quiz

4.  How did Anne Hutchinson interpret these concepts and begin to challenge church authority?  How did she justify her actions?

5.  Why did Puritans object to her ideas and behavior? How did Hutchinson threaten gender and hierarchy roles?

Individual Essay

Respond to the  following prompt in a thesis-driven analytical essay.  I expect a full essay with an introduction and conclusion as well as the body structure we have been working on in class.  You know what to do!

To what extend to you agree or disagree with the following statement?  

Anne Hutchinson (along with Roger Williams) cemented a cornerstone into the foundation of American liberty.  Namely, she insured the right to think, a right constantly challenged throughout our history whenever intolerant and self-righteous groups strive to dictate what is “proper” and “just”.

In other words…

To what extent did Anne Hutchinson contribute to the ideas of freedom of thought, speech and religion that we now have in this country today?  How did Anne Hutchinson (through her actions and words both before and during the trial) establish the idea that people right to think for themselves? 


1. Historical Thinking  and  Social Studies Analysis

RPA Argument and Analysis Rubric-Social Studies

2.  Career Related Learning Standards



4 Responses to Lesson 4: The Puritans and the Anne Hutchinson Trial

  1. Do you have the student guide for this? It says it has the trial steps and a background essay. If you have it could you email it to me at ajbulava@gmail.com. Thanks in advance and have a nice day.


  2. Heidi says:

    We’re not going to get anything substantial changed for any length of time without a complete overhaul. That’s pretty cli.daLearershep, that’s an interesting proposition. Man is losing his faith in leaders, both religious and political. They have all become mere administrators. Is this the cause of our problems, or yet another symptom?

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  4. Jeepers,think that car walking escapade included me,If i recall also tried to smash the window of some tyre company on the corner of Cumbernauld st/broad st and later tried pulling over the statues we passed as we went into city centre-not proud now…it was the zeitgeist..anarchy n all that..of he time,well that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it.

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