Lesson 2: Jamestown Investigation

Historical Scene Investigation

Jamestown: The Starving Time

1.  Watch Secrets of the Dead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6KYGqGwkk4&feature=related

2.  In your notebook, write down the different reasons given for the demise of the colony and what evidence the scientists used to reach their conclusions.  In other words, what did they find (evidence) and how did they interpret it?

3.  Click on http://web.wm.edu/hsi/cases/jamestown/jamestown_student.htm

4.  Use documents A, H, I and J (from the above site) and evaluate them for their Origins, Purpose, Values and Limitations. OPVL Tools


5.  Using the 5 documents we evaluated in class as evidence as well as information from The Secrets of the Dead video above, write a one page argument that answers the question:

“What caused the failure of Jamestown especially the ‘Starving Time’ of 1609-1610?  


1. Historical Thinking  and  Social Studies Analysis

RPA History Argument and Analysis Rubric

2.  Career Related Learning Standards

Need help with your assessment? 

Writing the Argument-Analytical Paragraph Template

Brandy’s fairly unforgettable instruction on what a thesis is, the role of  evidence and what exactly commentary is all about.



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