WEEK Class Date Topics/Lessons & Deliverables
1 Tuesday,January 29 Introduce UNIT Essential Question…“What makes a man a slave?”,  Class Discussion: See Google Drive Doc
Thursday,January 31 Above discussion continued with mini lecture: “Systems of control in the antebellum South”: Class Discussion: See Google Drive Doc
2 Tuesday,February 5 Unit 4, Lesson 1:  Creating Slavery: Indentured Servitude: “Conditions that set-up the system of unfree labor and the conditions of the voyages to the ‘New World'”: Class Notes: p. 110 minute ‘evidence of thought’ writing: Write a letter home about your experiences
Thursday,February 7 Indentured Servitude Webquest: Class Notes:  p.1p.2p.3
3 Tuesday,February 12 Review and prep for assessment: Class Notes:  p. 1p. 2
Thursday,February 14 Work on assessments in class.  
4 Tuesday,February 19 Survey (dead) history vs. Topical (alive) history, lecture on how we use language to create ideas/how to think about things, Notes: p.1, p.2Slavery Assessment DUE  
Thursday,February 21 BIG PICTURE Colonial America, Discussion Theme: The world is what you make it.  What does this mean individually and historically? Why did the British settle the “New World”?  What was the big picture pay-off?  Notes: p.1p.2  
5 Tuesday,February 26 BIG PICTURE Revolutionary Period Discussion Theme: IdentityHow did ideas about what makes a man help shape the American identity?  Why did we rebel?–Think: History Rules #1, 3 & 4), Notes, p.1
Thursday,February 28 A Critical Examination of Howard Zinn: Interpretations of Shay’s Rebellion:How would you paraphrase this historian’s approach to United States history?What does he seem to value and why? What does he seem to think the purpose and function of history is?How does this approach seem similar to and different from how you have studied history in school? Notes: p.1  
6 Tuesday,March 5 QUIZ on 2/21, 2/26, 2/28 material!    
Thursday,March 7 Discussion Theme: “We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.  –Anias Nin”: Watch Howard Zinn film.
7 Tuesday,March 12 Discussion Theme:  “You will forget what people said, you will forget what people did, but you will never forget how they make you feel.” Competing interpretations of Shay’s Rebellion, Notes: p.1  
Thursday,March 14 Discussion Theme: Manipulation, “To what extent is Zinn a champion of the downtrodden (the people) or is he manipulating you he believe his version of the truth OR does he truly believe (as a result of his experiences) what he writes to be the truth? Writing Prompt (Assessment) Were the revolutionaries good guys or bad guys?  Neither or both? Notes: p.1  
8 Tuesday,March 19 Discussion Theme:  “Growing Pains”, Notes: p. 1  
Thursday,March 21 Discussion Theme: “Ethnic Cleansing and the American Indian”, Notes: p.1    
9 Tuesday,April 2 Trail of Tears Source Comparison Exercise and student driven conversation
Thursday,April 4 Working on:Trail of Tears Source Comparison Exercise
10 Tuesday,April 9 Working on:Trail of Tears Source Comparison Exercise
Thursday,April 11 Working on:Trail of Tears Source Comparison Exercise 
11 Tuesday,April 16 Trail of Tears Source Comparison DUE Unit 5, Lesson 1: Activity 1: Music in your life Livescribe notes  
Thursday,April 18 Unit 5, Lesson 1: Music in Life and History Livescribe notes  
12 Tuesday,April 23 First watch this video:I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word…
Student Generated Topic for Discussion “What is the difference between education and indoctrination?” (discussion Livescribe discussion listen here)
Thursday,April 25 Discussion topic: To what extent is music a representation of your reality? To what extent does music shape/create your reality? with notes on Reconstruction…Notes: p.1, p.2  
13 Tuesday,April 30  Unit 5, Lesson 1, Activity 2  
Thursday,May 2  Unit 5, Lesson 1, Activity 3  
14 Tuesday,May 7    
Thursday,May 9    
15 Tuesday,May 14    
Thursday,May 16    
16 Tuesday,May 21    
Thursday,May 23     

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